ZORNHEYM (SE – Ex-Dark Funeral) + Ghusa (Fr)

February 14, 2018 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
10 ex fee vvk
ZORNHEYM (SE - Ex-Dark Funeral) + Ghusa (Fr)

Wednesday 14 February we’ll host the exclusive NL show with Zornheym – Official (Sweden, Epic Black / ex-Dark Funeral/ Devian)…
Touring with GHUSA (France, Swedish old-school death metal glory since 1989).
Tickets are 10 euro.

About Zornheym’s latest album:
“A very complete album!” – Aardschok (NL), 80/100
“The music largely matches the ambition and scope of the overallpresentation.” – Teeth Of The Divine (USA)
“A fantastic example of great songwriting!” – Angry Metal Guy (SWE)
“You can hear the Death/Black background of the musicians, but this is so much more… a totally cohorent work!” – Schwarzes Bayern (GER), 5/5
“Atmospheric, melodic, catchy and even epic – a perfect symbiosis of symphonic keyboard sounds and hard
guitars!” – Metal Only (GER), 8/10
“Absolutely encouraging debut, offered on a high level.” – Metallus (I)
“You will be pleasantly surprised. Recommended!” – Ragherrie (NL), 80/100
“ZORNHEYM created a graceful, yet deadly, borderline within extreme Metal, established by a magnificent
sound production.” – Metal Temple (GR), 9/10
“Highly atmospheric and powerful.” – Heavy Stage Force (GER)
“A high-class reform of Swedish Extreme Metal!” – Stormbringer (A), 4/5
“This is on a similar level as genre heroes like Septicflesh. ” – Metal.de (GER)
“A great surpirse for all fans of Death/Black symphonies!” – Aux Portes Du Metal (F), 17/20
“Well ballanced and striking!” – Metal Hammer (GER), 5/7
“This cross-breeding between death/black and classic comes out powerful!” – Rock Tribune (B), 8,5/10
“An astonishing release, highly recommended.”- Terra Relicta (SI), 9,5/10
“Powerful combination of black metal, symphonic and choral elements.”
– Ave Noctum (UK)
“A great debut, offering a diverse mixture!” – Legacy (GER), 11/15
“This is an exciting album with a lot of unexpected things happening!”
– Sweden Rock Magazine (SWE)
“This debut assault is as ambitious as bombastic!” – Necromance (E), 9/10
“An immersive album!” – Metallian (F), 4,5/6
“If you enjoy the most dynamic and powerful symphonic metal, you should not miss the first record of
this Scandinavian combo!” – Queens Of Steel (E), 8/10
“Symphonic extreme metal – well delivered!” – Metal Norge (NO), 8/10
“An excellent combination!” – Metalbrothers (E), 8,5/10
“A solid, clean, heavy, and enjoyable listen!” – Two Metal Guys (USA)