Albumrelease Mad Baron

August 31, 2018 @ 8:00 pm
Albumrelease Mad Baron
Hailing from both the south and the middle of The Netherlands, The Mad Baron stand firm as an emerging band within the scene.
They wear their genre-duality on their sleeves as their energetic ballads excite you and take you on a journey through what seems a dream, yet prepare you for what is to come – which is an exploding climax of sound, impressions, pounding drums and emotion.
Their legacy is filled with stories of self-awareness, brotherhood, the spiritual path of (emotional) awakening, and harmony. A healthy dose of darkness reminds you crudely of their inherent duality – a hunger for the light, while being close to consumation by darkness. They reflect your life back to you – a journey to your impact on yourself, others and the world around you.
Just how they manage to fall right outside the various genres, is nothing short of unorthodox. Barely metal, but rock ‘n roll on steroids, the bandmember’s individual influences stand at the dawn of their rocking back and forth between styles.Where Gijs’ guitar, – while at times intentionally arhythmic and signature-changing – reminds you of metal the most, Youri manages to bedazzle and cover you in a veil of illusion, floating around, through, over, under, but most of all in marvellous synchronicity with Gijs’ arrangements.Frank adds to the illusion and drags you in the dream, only to crudely awake you again when going along with Gijs’ guitar – hopping in and out of the two with his broad range of vocal styles and volume changes. Florian’s funk background only adds further to this, masterfully weaving together the arrangements. Sebastiaan provides the never-depleting battery, with the stamina gained from his punk background, he expertly manages to provide the rhythmic signature that makes sure the band flows without flying away.
In the future the band aim to develop numerous full-length albums, and to keep improving musically as a performing group; be it through gigs, live-videos, studio work, or touring again in foreign countries – the gents want to keep writing, and keep getting their message out to the world, out to the people.
The Mad Baron are:
Youri – Guitar
Gijs – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Florian – Bassguitar & Backing Vocals
Sebastiaan – Drums & Percussion
Frank – Vocals
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