SNOOK Bookings presents BEYOND CREATION (CAN) + Virvum (Ch) + Creative Waste (Sau) + Tragacanth (NL)

July 2, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
11 vvk/ 14 door
SNOOK Bookings presents BEYOND CREATION (CAN) + Virvum (Ch) + Creative Waste (Sau) + Tragacanth (NL)

We’re honoured to have the exclusive NL show in the Beyond Creation/Virvum summer tour. Add to this the appearance of Creative Waste from Saudi Arabia and local hero’s Tragacanth and Sunday 2 July 2017 will become for sure a legendary metal late afternoon/evening!

Beyond Creation was formed in 2005 in Montreal, Canada by Simon Girard (guitar/vocals) and Nicolas Domingo Viotto (guitar).
A year later, the band self-released their debut full-length album “The Aura”, which became a highlight in the genre. Since then, Beyond Creation has been known as the progressive, innovative and exciting new metal sound of their homeland, Quebec. Blazing their own trail through hard work, originality and a fresh perspective on the metal scene, their fanbase kept growing as fast as their will to push the boundaries of the style.

VIRVUM from Zurich, Switzerland, was founded by Gruhn and Berger in 2007. Influences are:
Movies, Necrophagist, Vital Remains, Chimaira, Cloudkicker, This Will Destroy You, Animals As Leaders.

Grindcore from Saudi Arabia

TRAGACANTH is a black/death metal band hailing from Amersfoort, withbroad symphonic influences. Founded just3 years ago in 2014 but their songs go back to the ancient Babylonian tales and times.

Only 150 tickets available!

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