BRAT FARRAR (AU) + Black UP + Blanket + PLAX (USA)

August 25, 2017 @ 8:30 pm – 11:30 pm
8 euro adv / 10 e door
BRAT FARRAR (AU) + Black UP + Blanket + PLAX (USA)

Brat Farrar and Blackup will join forces and tour Europe again. And we have embellished the bill for your entertainment with none other than BLANKET, the Utrecht based indie rock trio ready for its second (or maybe third) show & sure to blow you away with high speed college rock sprouting from the mind of overall nice guy Ab Al-Tamini (brown dudes rock harder). Think Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh and the like. Also on the bill, the self-proclaimed best punk band of Trump cuntry PLAX. Never heard of them? Well, here is a big encouragement to change this & discover this hidden gem of punk rock. This line-up is secretly KILLER so tell your friends to stay at home and watch another episode of Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks or whatever shit entertains your mind. Or just be a good boy/girl & get down to the nitty gritty of modern-day RnR & come down!

Brat Farrar, one half of Digger and the Pussycats, one third of Kamikaze Trio, just released III. His third record, simply untitled like its predecessors. Like its sisters this record is all guns blazing and shifts effortlessly from punk to shoegaze and other far-reaching places. Songs are at the fore on this one, mainly being about miscommunication, unrequited love and the odd missed moment here and there.

In case you haven’t heard, the Brat Farrar sound is reminiscent of early Wipers, Chrome, The Spits, Suicide, a bit like MBV (well just the guitars) on a few tracks and sometimes like power pop bands recorded incorrectly.

BLANKET >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>